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Nandita is open about her apprehensions around ageing.

Two years later, when she wanted to apply for a design course in.

I guess it is better that way, that I guard my personal life to some extent and I don’t want to open up about anything.”.

“I was having a chat to her and that’s probably my best guess as to what happened,” he added.

He was 59. Cardoz had.

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It was pretty exhilarating and, after that, I guess I started thinking that maybe this is what.

How do you think your.

Then, Floyd tied up with restaurateur Danny Meyer (well known in New York in those days but not yet the globally famous restaurateur he would become after the success of Shake Shack) who wanted to.

Based on the trailer, this film will familiarise you with the cultural importance these Irani cafés have had in Mumbai over.

Atmosphere largely is of fear, not just in Bollywood.

Not many voices on even matters like civic issues: Nandita Das – Director Nandita Das talks about how her convictions drive her work, what attracted her to Manto, argues why it is vital for.

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The New York Times ran an expose on the state of Indian embroiderers in Mumbai, who are employed on the down low by.