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Encrypted app aims to boost sex crime reporting in India – The Smashboard app uses blockchain to create an encrypted space where victims of sex crimes can store notes.

It ends up with many not finding any help at all. The app will give them that support.”.

Sex Drops Indian Women Masterbation A lawyer, battling with mental health issues, goes out to help three young women, who were sexually assaulted. This. “Now we have Indian restaurants and Indian movies. It’s really wonderful that we have so many options.” Richard J. Poster served time for possessing child pornography, violated his probation by having. Thanksgiving month,

Arhaan Khan’s ex-girlfriend, Amrita Dhanoa is arrested for her alleged involvement in a sex racket. As per a report in.

Police had busted a similar high-profile sex racket from another plush hotel in Juhu last week. Ten pimps were arrested.

Doctors, radiologists and all associations have played a very major role in this. Zero tolerance towards prenatal sex.

If you accept us for our profession, it may help society stop the injustices against women. Considering the welfare of all.

Everything may be fair in love, but not in law. Though Section 377 has been decriminalised, Indian laws are yet to recognise.

“Larger institutions are starting to take note, all the way from VC firms to large Fortune 100 companies.

And while Gallop.

Among all indices, India’s rank was the worst in the Health and Survival parameter which is computed in terms of life.