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The everyday violence on the streets owing to the recent anti-CAA protests could have given Tendulkar, the Antonin Artaud of.

I’m a full-time lesbian, in a full-time same-sex relationship, and that, for me, is liberating. The great thing about coming.

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Maya, 30, Mumbai "The broader thing is that Indian.

The year was full of amazing films, however, there were some films that had an unconventional.

The film deals with Article.

Because he is the pioneer of Indian standup comedy who has achieved the ultimate dream of any Indian entertainer.


The Constitution does not permit State to enact legislation based on religion, race, case, sex, and place of birth unless.

Even if we complete the next decade, Udaan would still be relevant as it tries to.

its message very loud and clear that.

Large cities hosted spectacular pride parades complete with floats, colourful costumes and tens of thousands of people.